Working hard on bystander intervention series in July.

In July, Ashley Michel Hoban guest directed a series focused on bystander intervention which we filmed at Barely Disfigured, a bar in Brooklyn. The series explored various ways that we can recognize and interrupt various creepy situations that unfold when enjoying a cocktail in a public place.

When we are out on the town, it’s up to each of us to create environments of safety and respect. These steps aren’t that complicated, but it usually requires us to start or engage in an uncomfortable conversation of sorts.

The videos we filmed in New York illustrate a range of effective bystander intervention strategies, which can be used by people of all genders, ages and backgrounds, depending on the situation at hand:

  • Direct: Speak directly to the person who is behaving or speaking in a troubling manner.
  • Delegate: Invite someone else to help intervene directly who might be better suited to address the situation.
  • Distract: Interrupt the troubling behavior by causing a distraction of some sort.
  • Defer: Check in with a person you believe may be impacted by troubling behavior after the fact.

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