Today, The Uncomfortable Conversation, along with top models Monica Watkins, Erika Grob, Sam Abbas, Lauren Switzer and anti-human trafficking activist Shannon Mac Ardhail released 3 new solutions-oriented videos tackling the challenge of sexual harassment abuse in the fashion industry. The Uncomfortable Conversation released these videos today in solidarity with the 100+ fashion models signing the petition to launch Program for Respect, a new initiative demanding respect and accountability in the fashion industry. 
Last January, at a screening event at HBO’s offices in New York, The Uncomfortable Conversation and Beauty for Freedom announced a partnership to broaden and deepen the dialogue among agencies, editors and models about sexual violence prevention and response in the fashion industry. In the post-MeToo era, more and more leaders and influencers are eager to support survivors, address troubling behavior and change culture – but they simply don’t know how to start the conversation.

These videos are a result of that collaboration, and offer a glimpse into a world where agents and models alike are contributing to a culture of connection, empathy and healthy boundaries – the opposite of what is typically described as “rape culture.” 

The new videos, starring some of the models who signed yesterday’s petition, offer three ways to spark productive and meaningful conversations about what’s next for the fashion industry:

How to Respond to a #MeToo post on Instagram

A model discloses his #MeToo experience, and is met with overwhelming support – an industry response that recognizes and celebrates his bravery for speaking out. 

How to Take Out the Trash

An agent decides to play a more active role in preventing sexual harassment, and  decided he won’t be booking with anyone who has committed harassment or assault. 

How to Pick an Agent

Four models compare notes about how awesome their agents are through the lens of safety and empowerment.

The Uncomfortable Conversation imagines a world where all of us – regardless of gender – are empowered to have the uncomfortable conversations necessary to prevent sexual harassment and abuse and and support those who have experienced it. Founded in August 2017, The Uncomfortable Conversation has worked with over 50 creative volunteers to produce over 60 short-form videos, accessible on YouTube.

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