Tomorrow (April 25) is Denim Day, a day that any student, employee or community member can wear jeans to show their support for survivors of sexual abuse or assault. That’s why The Uncomfortable Conversation partnered up with Denim Day NYC to create a new video series to show you how.

How did Denim Day get started? In 1998, the Italian Supreme Court overturned a rape conviction, in part, because the victim was wearing tight jeans. The next day, members of the Italian parliament came to work wearing jeans in protest. Nearly 20 years later, hundreds of Denim Day chapters organize events on campuses and in workplaces to call for an end to victim-blaming and support for survivors of sexual assault. Even if your school or workplace doesn’t have an official campaign, you can still wear jeans in solidarity with survivors who have felt ashamed to come forward or who experienced victim-blaming attitudes and comments.

All YOU have to do is wear jeans tomorrow. And tell people why you are wearing them by sharing one of our new Denim Day themed videos.

Wear and share. Got it?

But if you are looking for more creative ways to get involved with Denim Day, we have your back! We worked with a group of talented – and funny – actors to illustrate the ways everyone can take part in this important day of awareness and action.

Check them all out below, and share your favorite one tomorrow to let people know why you are wearing jeans on April 25th!

Get bedazzled.

Create your own consent-themed cheer.

Pack your back-up jeans.

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