Do you want to help equip people – especially men – with the tools they need to have more effective and productive conversations about sexual harassment and violence? Yes? We thought so. Get your talents and your talented friends together to help pull off The Uncomfortable Conversation’s next video shoot to continue to grow its library of over 50 videos on YouTube. This is a volunteer opportunity you won’t want to miss!

We’re shooting in New York on March 31st and have several ways volunteers and others can get more involved with the video shoot:

Act in the videos

Need something for your reel? Want to lend your acting talents to a good cause? Join us for all or part of the video shoot on 3/31 from 10am until 7pm. Actors of all genders, race/ethnicity and ages are welcome. We are specifically looking for actors who can play parents to teenagers. You do not have to attend for the whole day to participate – we can work with your schedule. And we will feed you lunch!

Location, location, location

We’re working to secure some location options close together to make the most of the day. If you think your company might offer us a place to shoot for 1-2 hours on March 31, we’d love to work with them (and credit them as partner in the series). Currently, we have still seeking a location that could reflect the following:

  • A music venue (bar with stage)
  • A lounge or living room (de-personalized for shooting)
  • An NY-feeling outdoor location where we could shoot 3 videos without being disruptive
  • An elementary school classroom (this video concept is really fun, so I’m hoping we can nail it down!)

Like to shoot videos?

If you can show up for 1-2 hours on 3/31 with a camera, we’ll put you to good use. All you need to do is shoot and drop. We have an ambitious production schedule, and are hoping for 1-2 additional volunteer videographers to maximize our efficiency across multiple locations and downtime with actors. (Small stipend available for full-day coverage) Some of our best content was captured through informal conversations we had through out the day.

No skills in acting or videographer but still want to help?

Sign up as a production volunteer and hang out for the day. We’ll need help setting up locations, getting lunch for the actors, prepping scripts and keeping the day running smoothly.

You GUYS. These videos shoots are so. much. fun.  Don’t miss out on a chance to create the next video series that will help change the conversation about sexual violence.

Questions? Ready to sign up? Shoot Sarah an email at sarahb *at* theuncomfortableconversation *dot* org or reach her here.

About the Partners

This video shoot will produce content to be leveraged by the following partners:

  • Denim Day NYC/Beauty for Freedom:Exploring themes engaging men in advocacy, sparking conversations about safety in the fashion industry, and addressing myths and misperceptions around victim-blaming.
  • Project #HereForYouSupporting survivors of sexual violence in the workplace
  • Calling All CrowsEngaging concert and music venues to support culture of safety and respect; inspiring conversations about sexual violence among music fans

What more fun could you have on a Saturday?




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